Call for new volunteers 

Various activities are being organized every week in ‘t Slot. We would like to expand this, but then we need some help. We are looking for volunteers to organize and implement activities. All this in a pleasant atmosphere. We are also open to new ideas. You may say now, I would also like to help my fellow residents. Then register at with name, e-mail address and telephone number. Then we will contact you as soon as possible.

Healthy and Old At Home with GOudT network has started 


Healthy Old At Home with GOudT network has started
Community Center ‘t Slot is one of the physical locations in the GOudT project. Anja Thomassen (business manager ‘t Slot) is, together with a team of volunteers, KBO and Wij Eindhoven, the driving force from Lumens in this network. Nancy van Loon (Lumens unit manager) takes place in the steering group of this network on behalf of Lumens, together with Archipel, Ontmoet en Groet, GGze and the Municipality of Eindhoven. The purpose is that local residents can age healthily and live at home in a pleasant way for longer. From indicated daytime activities to low-threshold facilities from the healthcare side, but above all building community-based resources together. There are already 12 groups with volunteers in ‘t Slot from creative to lifestyle to physical exercises who want to take this step. Over the next three years, we will continue to think bigger, make the mindset of the residents of Gestel change and they become Self, Together and Community-reliant in their neighborhood.

Two weeks ago we showed what we want to achieve. This in a digital network session supported by Studio 040.