Community Center ’t Slot is situated at the Kastelenplein. It has ample, free parking facilities in front of the building. From early in the morning untill late in the evening individuals and groups can meet in the pleasant atmosphere of ’t Slot. Here they can take a course, have a meeting, join in on one of the general activities like playing cards or billiards, or just have a drink at the bar. Weather permitting our terrace will be open. There you can relax and sit in or out of the sun.

’t Slot has many rooms available of several dimensions that can be rented by clubs, societies and organisations. Facilities like beamers, audio system, whiteboard etc. are at your disposal. You can also make use of the extensive  kitchen facilities.

’t Slot offers a wide range of 40-45 permanent activities every week which are being enabled by about 90 volunteers. Every week about 1200 persons visit ’t Slot. 90% of them are residents of our neighbourhood!

Have you become curious and do you want to know what  kind of activities are being organized in ’t Slot, or do you want to know more about the possibilities ’t Slot offers? The manager can tell you all you want to know. Just drop in or contact us!

Community Center ’t Slot is a member of Lumens.

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Covid-19 Update                       June 2, 2021

Good news! Including June 5th, Community Center center ’t Slot can open again. Of course still with a number of conditions. 

1. If you have complaints that may indicate Covid-19 contamination, you should stay at home.
2.  Always keep 1,5 meters distance from others.
3  Maximum 4 people at 1 table.
4. Individual reservations can also be made when entering.
5. The employees do a health check on arrival.
6. You disinfect your hands on arrival.
7  Always follow the walking route.
8. Registration is required.
9. Sitting down is mandatory.
10.Wearing a mask on arrival is mandatory; when you are sitting down the mask can be taken of.
11.In view of the maximum number of people allowed, it may happen that you are refused entry, or that you are asked to leave the building immediately after your activity. This is a rule imposed on us. Please do not argue with our volunteers.
12. Comply with the agreements made with the tenant regarding breaks, etc.
13. Bar orders are taken and served by the employees of ‘t Slot.
14. Community Center ‘t Slot is open until half an hour at the utmost after the last booked activity.
15. The bar is open until 10 pm at the latest.
16. When your activity has ended, please leave the building immediately via the emergency exit in the room where you are staying.
17. ‘t Slot provides supervision and assistance in complying with the rules in the building. The tenant of a room is responsible for compliance with the rules in that room.
18. Follow the instructions of the staff.
19. Please note that a maximum of the following numbers of people may stay in the various areas of the community center:
– Toilet group: 1 person,
– Room 1: 26 persons,
– Room 2: 12 people,
– Room 4: 8 persons,
– Room 5: 6 persons,
– Room 6: 2 persons,
– General meeting room: 8 persons.

Regular Opening hours (when there ar no restrictions because of Covid-19)
All working days from 8.00 – 17.00 h.
Monday until Thursday also from 19.00 – 23.30 h.
Remaining days and hours: when there will be activities taking place.