Clubs, associations and users who are active in ‘t Slot

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d’Accord Encore (Accordion Orchestra)

After Riet Smulders retired as Accordion teacher at the CKE in 2013, she performed for her accordion ensemble again in mid-2019.
During a third reunion it was decided to revive the music school ensemble of yesteryear as d’Accord Encore. This with a group of about twenty accordionists. After consultation with the manager of ‘t Slot, it was agreed to rehaerse in this hospitable location. In principle, we do this every second Saterday of the mond with the exeption of Juli and August .
The repertoire consists of original accordion music, classical music by J.S. Bach, baroque and Argentine tango, especially by Astor Piazzolla. Balkan and Klezmer music.
On juni 12th 2022 we will hold a concert in ‘t Slot!

Apple Club Eindhoven

Apple Club Eindhoven (ACE) is a users group for everyone who uses Apple products: Macintosh computer, iPad, iPhone, AppleWatch, etc. There is a monthly meeting that usually takes the form of a so-called “survey without meeting”, where everyone is given the opportunity to discuss any problem. Regularly there is a lecture or demonstration by a club member or external expert. There is a free library and some equipment can be rented for a small fee. Feel free to come and have a look at a meeting without obligation. Membership is only € 12.50 per year.

Bloedafname (Blood Collection)

You don’t have to travel far to get a blood sample taken. In ‘t Slot, the Blood Collection provides blood samples for Diagnostiek voor U, the Catharina Hospital, the Máxima Medical Center and the Thrombosis Service Eindhoven Region.
You can only come here by appointment. It is easy to make an appointment at
Do you only want to hand in a jar of urine or faeces (without blood tests)? Then you do not need to make an appointment. You may hand in the jar to the blood collection employee during opening hours. Make sure the jar contains the patient’s information.
Opening hours and other information:

‘t Boekenslot (Library)

‘t Boekenslot is the  library by volunteers in ‘t Slot. Here residents of Oud Kasteel (Hanevoet, Genderbeemd and Ooievaarsnest) can borrow (Dutch) books for free, and read newspapers and magazines at the reading table. New books are regularly on the shelves so that there is always something to choose from.
And there is always time for a chat.
Books from the Eindhoven Library can also be returned here and reserved books can be picked up.
Opening hours:        ●  Monday afternoon     14.00 – 16.00 h.
                                   ●  Tuesday morning       10.00 – 12.00 h.
                                   ●  Thursday afternoon   14.00 – 16.00 h.
Reading table and service point Eindhoven Library: during the opening hours of ‘t Slot.
More info:

Dynamo Jeugdwerk  (Juvenile work)

With youth workers, social administrators, neighbourhood sports coaches, volunteers, trainees and of course the youth, we do our work in Eindhoven and the region. With this we reach young people from 7 to 27 years old. The juvenile centres in the neighbourhoods are the central centre of juvenile work, but we organize many activities outside of them. You can say: Dynamo Juvenile Work is everywhere where young people do their “thing”.
We pick up trends, needs and signals and translate them into activities. The activities we organize are intended for meeting and relaxation, sensible leisure activities, talent development and personal growth. We encourage young people to learn to organize themselves and support them on their path to realizing their dreams.
Dynamo Jeugdwerk has its own agenda:

Echo Van Het Zuiden (Accordion and mandoline orchestra)

Echo van het Zuiden is an accordion and mandolin orchestra that not only consists of accordions and mandolins, but also guitars and banjos, supplemented with a keyboard and percussion. We rehearse on Tuesday evenings from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. in ‘t Slot.
We have now been in existence for 75 years, with an average of 20 members. We are looking for new members; advanced guitarists and accordionists are very welcome.
We execute an annual concert every autumn. We also like to play in handstands, in nursing homes, community centres and on special occasions and invitations.
The repertoire is very diverse, from light classical music and musicals to a swinging waltz or a rhythmic tango, as well as more modern songs.
For performances on request:


Eerste Goudse Afslankclub (Slimming Club)

E.G.A Nederland has been active for 40 years in guiding people to a healthy and responsible weight. We offer you a sophisticated Food Guide that will help you to  lose weight in a responsible manner. Simple and healthy, you join in at the familiy meals. The meals are very varied and…. you are certainly not hungry!

Do you also want to lose weight in a healthy way? This is possible weekly in ‘t Slot on Tuesdays from 9.30-10.30 am (due to Covid-10, online video coaching is now temporarily available).
You can find a brochure from E.G.A. in the magazine-rack in ‘t Slot.
Gera Smetsers 06 33 66 68 55


Fotoschouw (Photo Club)

FotoSchouw is a photo club in Eindhoven of enthusiastic amateur photographers of 50 years and older. On Tuesday mornings we meet in ‘t Slot from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM. Our club does not aim to give photography courses, but to learn from each other.
The contribution of our photo club in 2021 is € 80.00 per year. Type of camera is not important.
If you are considering joining our photo club, feel free to visit one of our meetings in ‘t Slot. (Gerard Wijnen)

GGZe Dagbesteding (GGZe Daytime activities)

HALLO! is an accessible walk-in, location: ” de Hal ‘,’ Sterkenburg 2, where everyone is welcome to walk in and to join various activities.
At ” HELLO ”  together we ensure cosiness, togetherness and connection!
Due to the Covid-19 measures, the walk-in is temporarily closed,
Every Tuesday, however, it is possible to pick up a healthy, freshly prepared evening meal at location: ” de Hal ”, Sterkenburg 2, for € 3.50. Reservations can be made at Dimph Bogers via number: 06-2371 8620, Tuesday before 10:00.
Every Wednesday we are present with the district team at ‘t Slot for a fun games afternoon from 13:00 to 15:00.
Just drop in, reservation is not necessary.

Groei en Bloei Eindhoven (Garden lovers club)

Groei en Bloei Eindhoven is part of the national association and has been using the rooms of ‘t Slot for several years now.
We organize annual activities for green enthusiasts such as:
● Lectures on gardens and gardening.
● Demonstrations, courses and workshops by professionals.
● Landscaping of gardens
● Plant exchange days.
● Excursions to growers and gardens.
For garden and gardening enthusiasts and nature lovers. Both for beginners and experienced gardeners and flower arrangers.
Members contribute to the annual program.
Get to know our association: visit a lecture.
Subscribe to our free electronic newsletter?
Visit our website


HCC-Zuidoost-Brabant is a region of the national association of computer hobbyists HCC. 
● We provide lectures on the computer in the broadest sense of the word.
● We help real beginners with our helpdesk and special lectures, but we also offer support and information for the more advanced.
● Our members are also active in study groups with Linux, flight simulation, computer embroidery, video and image editing, 3D printing.
● Every 4th Saturday afternoon of the month there is a walk-in in ‘t Slot. Everyone can get acquainted, view our offer, ask questions and ask for help for their computer, laptop, tablet, telephone. You are more than welcome to have a look around, visit our reading table with computer magazines.

KBO Gestelse Ontginning (Interest group for seniors)

The KBO Gestelse Ontginning is an interest group for seniors and is an independent part of the KBO Brabant. Our department covers the entire Gestel district except for the area of the former Michael parish. We organize various activities in and from t Slot and assist our members by word and deed. Then someone of our Senior Counselors will speak with our members.Non-members are also very welcome at our activities. Their main purpose is to bring people out of their social isolation and bring them together with others so that contacts and friendships can be formed.

Koffie-uurtje (Coffee time!)

Every Wednesday morning from 10.00  to 11.30 h. in ‘t Slot.This morning residents of Oud Kasteel can meet each other in a pleasant atmosphere while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea and a chat.The first cup of coffee or tea with a biscuit costs € 1.40 and the second cup is free.Walk in and join the other residents of your neighbourhood. You’re very welcome.

De Lappers Biljartclub (Billiard Club)

We are a billiards club consisting of eight people and we practice the three cushion game.Feel free to come and have a look on a Monday evening between 8 p.m. and 11 p.m. (Jos Verberne)

Libre Biljartclub Messiaen (Billiard Club)

10 years ago, we, Frans Linssen and Dick Damstra, founded the Libre Billiards Club Messiaen, for 10 people from the Messiaen Park, where we also live. Every Thursday afternoon we have a good afternoon in ‘t Slot from 13:00 – 17:00 where we also learn from each other and receive instructions. Everyone is assigned so that we can all play 2 rounds. An average of approximately 1 to 1.5 cannons is played.
A billiards club where conviviality is paramount.


We are a line dance / country club and we practice every Monday evening from 20:00 to 22:00 in ‘t Slot. The age of our dancers varies from 28 to 80+. LineDance is a club where fun is important. The dances are repeated regularly for those who cannot memorize them very well. If you would like to come and have a look or participate, you are always welcome. 

Ivonne Klos
040-23 01 279
06 13 66 42  26

Mozaïek met Mariek (Making mosaics)

Mosaic course by Mariek
For the beginners we start with a mood light. This is a small piece of work that introduces you to mosaics. Advanced students can bring something to mosaic or start with a bowl. You learn to clip, cut, break, build the workpiece, combine colours, glue and grout in.
For both beginners and advanced participants, working together and learning from each other’s work is a plus. We work in blocks of 12 meetings on Thursday morning with a maximum of 12 participants. For questions and registration you can mail to (Mariek Hemelaar)


Repair Café Gestel

Broken vacuum cleaner? Coffee machine is not working anymore? Computer problems? Clothing needs mending?
At the Repair Café Eindhoven we try to fix everything. The purpose of the Repair Café is to learn how to use materials and raw materials in a sustainable manner. Why throw everything away immediately if it breaks?
Manufacturers should make their devices in such a way that they last longer or are easier to repair.
You can come to the Repair Café Gestel without making an appointment.
There is a pot for a voluntary contribution. With your donations we can buy new tools for the Repair Café.

Reumacafé (Rheumatism Café)

The Reumacafé, a spot where conviviality, making things with your hands or playing games come first.
A spot to meet each other in an informal atmosphere, have a chat, but where you also can quietly enjoy a cup of tea or coffe.

On Mondays, September 6, October 4, November 1, and December 6, at 2.00 pm.
For whom? For members, non-members and sympathizers.
There is no need to register.

For more information contact:

Lillian Korremans ( and Corry Huffenreuter (06 48 69 18 61)

Schilderclub ‘t Slepertje (Painting club)

Painting club ‘t Slepertje is a small club at this moment consisting of 7 people where painting is done with great pleasure. We also like a pleasant chat. From making fun works of portraits to classic or landscapes, nothing is too crazy. We paint on our own initiative, so no assignments or the like and we help each other paint. We are in ‘t Slot every Monday morning from 09:00 to 12:00.
I invite you to come and have a look and you will see how cosy it is to be with us.
Jacky Vasen

Ster College (Language courses)

Ster College:
If you have trouble reading, writing, speaking, calculating or working with a computer, you may sometimes have a hard time. You end up alone and sometimes even drop out. It is also not good if you cannot do or achieve what you want to due to the fact that you do not master the Dutch language well enough. Ster College can help you to get a better place in society. Ster College organizes courses for everyone from the age of 18. You can contact us if you want to learn to read, write, speak or understand (better) Dutch. We also have courses in arithmetic and basic computer knowledge.

VectorVest gebruikersgroep (Users group investors)

 The VectorVest users group is a group of investors using VectorVest software, which combines fundamental and technical analysis.
Anyone interested in investing is welcome. We meet in ‘t Slot five times a year (dates to be announced). Admission is free.
Meet other investors in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.

Vereniging van Natuurfotografen Ehv (Association of Nature Photographers )

Is nature photography your hobby? Then VNFE is the association for you.
From beginner to advanced photographer, everyone can learn a lot at our club. We are happy to exchange knowledge about technology and editing programs, but also about beautiful photo locations and interesting facts about flora and fauna.
We meet here in ‘t Slot one evening a month, usually the third Wednesday, to view and discuss each other’s photos on a large screen.
Are you interested?
You can always come and have a look at a club evening to taste the atmosphere, without any obligation

When? See:    Welcome!


VERON (Radio amateurs)

Radio Amateur Veron, branch Eindhoven
Although most people take it for granted, radio is magic. A world without it is hard to imagine: no radio or TV, no wifi, no satellite communication, no cell phones, no “Internet of Things” and other wireless communication.
Being a radio amateur is about experimenting. Our meetings consist of many activities, ranging from self-constructing and participation in contests, to training new radio amateurs and organizing lectures, often given by our own members, but also by external experts.
Our meetings take place in ‘t Slot, usually on the second and fourth Monday of the month. Start 8 pm.

Wereldtafel (Table of the World)

Every third Sunday of the month, the doors of ‘t Slot open at 5 p.m. and at 5.30 p.m. we sit down to dinner.
A pleasant evening for the residents of Hanevoet, Ooievaarsnest and Genderbeemd.
The price of the 3-course dinner is € 10,- (drinks not included).
Delicious dishes from within and outside Europe, hence the name Wereldtafel (= Table of the world).
Residents of Oud Kasteel have priority, they can register and pay in advance. Non-residents of Oud Kasteel can also register, but they will be placed on a reserve list.
The cooking team is looking forward to this. You too?c

WIJeindhoven (Social Work)

Do you live in Gestel? Do you need (temporary) support in the field of living, working, meeting, educating, transport or income? Please contact
Team Gestel of WIJeindhoven
Do you want to discover your talents in order to devote them to your neighbourhood? WIJeindhoven can also help you with this.
WIJeindhoven brings residents into contact with each other, but also associations, foundations and entrepreneurs in, among others, Ooievaarsnest, Hanevoet and Genderbeemd.
Do you have any questions or ideas and have you never had contact with WijEindhoven, just ring (040) 238 89 98 or email to:
We may be able to help you immediately. It is also possible that we will call you back within 2 working days to discuss the next steps together.
As soon as the walk-in resumes, there will be places and times on the contactpagina van Gestel. 

Yoga Lucie

In ‘t Slot weekly yoga classes are given by Lucie Wolterbeek, certified, experienced yoga teacher.
Each lesson consists of standing postures, sitting and lying postures and is concluded with a lying relaxation.
All postures are built up step by step so that it is possible for everyone to practice at their own level.
Attention for breathing runs through it all.
If you would like to know if yoga is also something for you, feel free to make an appointment to participate once (or more often).
You are most welcome.
tel: 040-2521410