Monday08:00 – 12:006Blood collectionMedical
Monday09:00 – 12:001Ster College (language courses)Education
Monday09:00 – 12:002Ster College (language courses)Education
Monday09:00 – 12:004Painting club ‘t SlepertjeCreativity
Monday14:00 – 16:00ONTLibrary ‘t Boekenslot
Monday14:00 – 16:302Reumacafé (1st Monday of the month) Health
Monday15:00 – 16:151Sportnzo (Yoga) 55+Health
Monday20:00 – 23:003LinedanceMusic & Dance
Monday20:00 – 22:001 of 2VERON (Radio amateurs) (2nd and 4th Monday of the month)Technics
Monday20:00 – 22:001Apple Club Eindhoven (2nd Monday of the month)Technics
Monday20:00 – 23:00ONTDe Lappers Biljartclub (Billiard club)Sports & Games
Tuesday08:00 – 12:006Blood collectionMedical
Tuesday09:30 – 11:004Eerste Goudse Afslankclub (Slimming club)Health
Tuesday10:00 – 12:001De FotoSchouw (Photo club)Creativity
Tuesday10:00 – 12:00ONTLibrary ‘t BoekenslotCultural
Tuesday14:00 – 16:001KBO KoersbalSports & Games
Tuesday20:00 – 22:001Echo van het Zuiden (Accordion and mandolin Orchestra)Music & Dance
Tuesday20:00 – 21:002VERON (Radio Amateurs)Technics
Wednesday08:00 – 12:006Blood collectionMedical
Wednesday09:00 – 12:002Ster College (language courses)Education
Wednesday10:00 – 11:30ONTCoffee Time!Social
Wednesday12:00 – 16:002Ster College (language couses)Education
Wednesday13:00 – 15:004 en 5GGZE (GGZe Daytime Activities)Social
Wednesday13:00 – 17:00ONTPleasant walk-in during the weekly marketSocial
Wednesday14:00 – 17:30ONTKBO Biiliards and cards playing 55+Sports & Games
Wednesday14:00 – 16:301KBO Folk-dancingMusic & Dance
Wednesday19:00 – 23:002Hermes employees’ activities (2nd Wednesday of the month)Governmental
Wednesday19:30 – 22:301VNFE, Assoc. of Nature Photographers (3rd Wed. of the month)Creativity
Wednesday20:00 – 23:001HCC Linux (last Wednesday of the month)Technics
Thursday08:00 – 12:006Blood collectionMedical
Thursday09:00 – 10:003Yoga LucieHealth
Thursday09:00 – 12:002Ster College (language courses)Education
Thursday09:30 – 11:304Mozaïek door Mariek ( (Making mosaics)Creativity
Thursday13:30 – 16:30ONTBilliards Club MessiaenSports & Games
Thursday14:00 – 16:00ONTLibrary ‘t BoekenslotCultural
Thursday14:00 – 16:30ONTKBO KnittingSocial
Thursday18:30 – 19:301Yoga LucieHealth
Thursday20:00 – 22:301Zangkoor Dirk (Choir)Music & Dance
Thursday20:00 – 22:302HCC Computer embroidery (2nd Thursday of the month)Technics
Thursday19:00 – 23:302Wine Society (2nd Thursday of the month)Technics
Friday08:00 – 12:006Blood collectionMedical
Friday14:00 – ?ONTKBO Walking clubHealth
Friday14:00 – 18:00ONTKBO Walk-inSocial
Saturday09:00 – 16:001HCC Flightsimulator (1st Saturday of the month)Technics
Saturday14:00 – 16:002d’Accord Encore (2nd Saturday of the month))Music & Dance
Saturday13:00 – 16:001HCC (3rd Saturday of the month)Technics
Saturday13:00 – 16:004Repair Café Gestel (3rd Saturday of the month)Technics
Sunday17:30 – 20:00ONTWereldtafel (Table of the World) (3rd Sunday of the month)Social

If you have any questions and / or comments, please do not hesitate to drop by or contact the manager:

040 251 97 68 or 06 22 46 53 17

Also: when you want to reserve a room or start a new activity, they will be happy to help.

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